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        NADA ON TRACK welcomes you to partner in a Sea to Sea Unity Event

        Joining your prayers TOGETHER with thousands of believers across nada this summer
        lling nada ON TRACK with God's plan and purpose at 150.   

         nada On Track team is traveling by train, stopping in major cities within each province for multi-day, power-packed unity events. You n expect - explosive times of worship, challenging & thought provoking messages and powerful times of prayer.

        On the first night of each stop there will be a special opportunity for you to participate by passionately believing together and praying over the city, province and our nation.  If you are a ministry leader, Lead Intercessor or House of prayer leader, and would like to be included, please email so we n make room for you during your provincial gathering.   Also, feel free to share with us what God has put on your heart.  We welcome any words you have from God, for your province and the nation.  


        Here is the link:

        Invite your friends and family.  Spread the word!


        HOW n I get on board

        All Aboard

        Get ready for a Train ride adventure
        of a lifetime! 

        Join a Provincial Gathering near you!

        July 1          The CRY Kingston, ON
        July 4-5      St. John’s, NL
        July 8-9      Charlottetown, PE
        July 12-13    Halifax, NS
        July 16-17    Moncton, NB
        July 21-22    Montreal, QC
        July 25-26   Gatineau, QC
        July 27-28   Ottawa, ON
        July 30-31   Toronto, ON
        Aug  4-6      Winnipeg, MB
        Aug  11-13    Saskatoon, SK
        Aug  19-20   Edmonton, AB
        Aug  24-25   Vancouver, BC

        MORE >>

        Bring the whole family

        Get together with those you love and journey across the nation.